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November 6, 2023

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We’ve partnered up with award-winning peanut butter brand ManiLife to create an incredible peanut stout. ManiLife’s irresistible deep roast peanuts meet the lightning-strike energy of Brixton to make Nuts + bolts.

This limited-edition brew combines the distinctive rich flavours of ManiLife’s delicious peanut butter with a smooth stout that’s bursting with an intense malty flavour.



This is Martin. He is a man with many skills. He’s a brewer, one-time model (for our M.C.Overalls collection launch) and also a talented illustrator (see more of his work here).

At BB, we always find January is a quiet month for brewing – so we use this time to let our brewers flex their creative muscles and compete to produce a new beer recipe, in something we like to call the Brewers Challenge. Everyone throws their hat into the ring and we select the best three to be brewed in small batches and made available for sampling at our taproom. Come February, we ask visitors to vote for their favourite with a commitment that the winner will be scaled up and released as a LTD EDN beer in can later that year.

This year the theme of the Brewers Challenge was stouts – and Martin absolutely smashed the competition with his peanut-rich brew.

So when a few months later we received a message on Instagram from ManiLife (producers of the tastiest peanut butter on the planet) asking us about a possible collaboration, we couldn’t believe our luck.

From there we started working with ManiLife to enhance Martin’s original recipe, locking in as much rich roast peanut flavour as we could muster. The resulting Deep Roast Peanut Stout is called Nuts + Bolts. It is super smooth with notes of morning coffee, milk chocolate and of course, a rich peanutty finish – a drink and a snack in one delicious brew.
We were excited to have the unique opportunity to hand over the design of the can label to the creator of the beer. Martin’s minutely detailed illustration depicts the imagined production line of the beer - with peanuts being turned into peanut-butter on one side and wheat being turned into beer on the other - and the two coming together at the end to produce tiny cans of Nuts + Bolts. We think it’s the perfect combination of Manilife’s irresistible deep roast peanuts and the lightning strike energy of Brixton!

Grab yourself some cans while stocks last and if you’re local, why not join us this Thursday, 9th November at our taproom in Brixton. We’ve got DJs playing throughout the evening, free peanuts and plenty of beer. You'll also have the opportunity to chat to the teams from both ManiLife and Brixton Brewery, it's a match made in heaven this one!

Plus, get down early because the first 30 people through the door will receive a free stout.

Free entry all night, can't wait to see you there! 🎶
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