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Brewing in Brixton

Our beer is hand-crafted in small batches. We brew our beers on two modern brewhouses; our smaller 10hl kit in our original railway arch location allows us to experiment and bigger batches are made on our 50hl three-vessel system just up the road at our main production site.

We like to add a Brixton twist to traditional brewing styles using the best ingredients that we can get our hands on, whether sourced from our local markets, or much further afield. The resulting beers are tasty, refreshing and perfectly balanced for easy-drinking.

Read below on the steps our team performs in pursuit of that perfect pint.

Section: Brewing Process
Brewing Process
1. Mashing

This is where the magic begins! We blend the finest malted barley with hot water in our mash tun, transforming the malt starches into a sweet and flavoursome golden liquid called wort. This ‘malt tea’ is then transferred to the brew kettle, leaving the spent grain behind.

Brewing Process
2. Boiling

This is where the flavour of the beer really starts to develop. We bring the wort to a rolling boil in our brew kettle to sterilise and stabilise it and drive off any unwanted flavours. We also add bittering hops to the boil, extracting their alpha acids to give our beers balance and drinkability.

Brewing Process
3. Whirlpooling

The whirlpool process helps us to preserve maximum hop flavour for you to savour in your pint. We start by adding a generous dose of ‘hot-side’ hops to our whirlpool and extract their aroma and flavour through a gentle spinning motion. This also helps to clarify our beer, drawing solids to the centre of the vessel and leaving a bright, clear wort without the need for filtration.

Brewing Process
4. Cooling

Before adding our most important ingredient, we need to cool the brew down to yeast pitching temperature – that is, cool enough not to kill off the precious yeast cells. The heat exchanger uses cold water running through a set of plates, cooling down the hot wort and heating up the cold water. We recover and reuse this for our next brew, which saves time, energy and water.

Brewing Process
5. Fermentation

Inside our fermentation tanks is where the real hard work and special brewing alchemy happens. We add millions of tiny yeast cells to our wort, which immediately get started fermenting sugars into alcohol, heat and C02. The yeast, as well as any adjuncts added at this point (eg dry-hops, fruit or spices), add flavour in the process of creating the final beer. Experimenting here is part of the fun of creating new brews. So we’re always trying something new, and so are you.

Brewing Process
6. Maturation

After fermentation comes maturation. We condition our beers in a bright beer tank – so called because at this point the beer is clear and bright, with no yeast or hop particles in it. Maturing in tank at low temperatures helps to stabilise and develop the beer’s flavour and appearance, before C02 is added for carbonation. At this point, the beer is fresh, flavoursome and ready to be packaged and enjoyed.

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