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Brixton News Lightning Brixton Brewery x Origin Coffee join forces to create Resolution Coffee Stout

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Brixton Brewery x Origin Coffee join forces to create Resolution Coffee Stout

November 7, 2022

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Barista-approved Resolution Coffee Stout is the delicious love child of Brixton Brewery and Origin coffee

Beer and coffee actually have a lot in common. Both are 'brewed', they favour strong and often bitter flavours, and we at Brixton Brewery absolutely could not live without either one. So when Origin Coffee reached out to us about working together on a new coffee-infused beer we jumped at the idea to combine our two favourite bevvys. 
The result? Resolution Coffee Stout - and just in time for the seasonal shift that has us all craving this kind of deep, dark brew.


A collaboration between two flavour and quality obsessed craft producers, Resolution Coffee Stout, is a smooth and rewarding cool-weather treat.

We opted to use one of Origin Coffee’s most popular blends, Resolute, which they define as a 'no-nonsense, classic idea of coffee' with rich dark chocolate and nut tasting notes.

To really infuse the coffee flavour into the beer we added fresh grounds to the mash-tun along with the complex malt bill and again in the whirlpool before allowing the malt and coffee flavours to blend together during fermentation.

The final beer is a dark and intense coffee infused stout, with warming notes of chocolate, caramel and fruit alongside complex roasted malt and coffee flavours. Resolve to get your hands on some now!

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