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January 12, 2023

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Introducing Switch Alcohol Free Pale Ale, our new brew without the buzz

Sometimes, you just don’t want another drink. And as a brewer we are… absolutely fine with that. We get that moderation is important and that after all the Christmas dos, festive feasts and NYE parties some people prefer to limit their alcohol intake for a little while come January.

This is clearly a growing trend and thankfully there are plenty of great alcohol-free alternatives out there.

Now there’s one more… introducing Switch, an Alcohol Free Pale Ale launched just in time for the post-festive season, and crafted with love by your fave South London brewer ;)

The latest in our line up of electricity themed brews (see Electric IPA, Low Voltage + recurring specials Megawatt & Off-Grid), Switch is packed with all the juicy flavour of a pale ale but at just 0.5% ABV. It’s the perfect choice for when you want to switch things up and stay switched on (see what we did there?), but still want to enjoy a deliciously crafted beer.

We debuted our first ever alcohol-free brew in April last year when we partnered with South London born author, Candice Carty-Williams, to create a beer for the launch of her new novel. We hadn’t been planning to make an alc-free brew but when we found out that Candice doesn’t drink it just felt wrong to create a beer that she wouldn’t be able to enjoy. So People Pale was born!

Producing good alcohol-free beer is a serious skill that doesn't follow all the same logic and processes as normal brewing - so this was a great opportunity for us to learn the ropes. We were really pleased with the final beer and its reception amongst our drinkers, so we agreed we would brew another alcohol-free to coincide with the start of 2023.

For this low alcohol pale we used Vienna malt and a big hit of oats and wheat to build body and mouthfeel in the beer and really pushed our brewhouse to the limit to create a highly unfermentable wort. In conjunction with a low attenuating English ale yeast strain, the result is a delicate fruit aroma from the yeast, but (almost) none of the alcohol! For the hops we went with a huge dry hop of Talus and Sabro, two closely related North American hops known for unique tropical fruit and coconut notes. From past experience we knew that it is difficult to get those beautiful hop aromas into a low alcohol beer, so we took the unconventional approach of steeping the hops in an ethanol solution first to extract the aroma, then mixed in the base beer.

Switch is light in colour and body with refreshing notes of pineapple and coconut and we think you’re going to love it!

It’s available via our webshop, at selected bar partners and of course from our taproom in Brixton both on tap and in can while stocks last – give it a go and let us know what you think!

To celebrate the launch of the beer, for the duration of January we're running CAN FOR A CAN at the Taproom. Next time you visit just bring with you a tin of beans, bag of pasta or whatever you fancy and in return we will give you a free can of Switch Pale Ale. All collections will be donated to Norwood and Brixton Food Bank.

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