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Vincent & Olive Artist's Pale Ale launches
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Brixton News Lightning Vincent & Olive Artist's Pale Ale launches

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Vincent & Olive Artist's Pale Ale launches

September 7, 2022

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We've collaborated with Van Gogh House and Harold Offeh to create a new beer for their upcoming exhibition

Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh spent a year living in Brixton? Thanks to Van Gogh House you can now visit the blue-plaqued Georgian terrace where he lived between 1873 to 1874. But rather than turn this into a time capsule of his year there, Van Gogh House London celebrates the house’s remarkable legacy by hosting artist residencies in addition to guided tours, exhibitions and events.

Their latest exhibition is We Came Here, a sound installation and sculptural work by artist Harold Offeh that draws on ideas of migration, place and lived history. 

To celebrate the exhibition we have collaborated with Harold Offeh and Van Gogh House to create a LTD EDN called Vincent & Olive Artist's Pale Ale, available in their shop and on our webshop and tap room while stocks last. The colourful cans, designed by Harold, contain our juicy and flavoursome Atlantic American Pale Ale. 

We Came Here manifests as a conversation across a century; between 20-year old Vincent Van Gogh who in 1873 had just arrived in Stockwell; and 20-year old Olive Morris, a Jamaican-born, Brixton-based community leader, who in 1972 was campaigning for feminist, black and squatters’ rights. In other audio testimonies drawn from historic archives, more young migrants to Brixton and Lambeth will tell their stories.

The exhibition opens on 8th September and runs until 18th December - grab your tickets here!

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