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October 16, 2023

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Did you know that freshly picked hops start to deteriorate in flavour as soon as they are harvested? That’s why almost all hops picked during the annual harvest are immediately dried, allowing them to be used by brewers all year round. So green hop beers are something really special, as they’re only brews that are made using just-picked ‘green’ hops that haven't been through this drying process.

To retain their fresh aromas and flavours, hops used for green hop beers need to be harvested and added to the brew as quickly as possible – ideally in under 24 hours. These once-a-year beers are super-aromatic and packed full of deliciously intense hop flavours.

So we’re very exited to introduce Go Green, a Green Hop XPA made with UK-grown Cascade hops, from Hukins Hops in Tenterden, Kent.

Our brewing team went down to the farm during their September harvest to collect the hops in person and brought them straight back to Brixton to be added to a brew the same day. The resulting beer is a refreshing, verdant and richly aromatic Extra Pale Ale, available exclusively in cask.

Not only this is an extremely delicious way to make beer, it is also more environmentally sustainable – something that we care deeply about at Brixton Brewery. Cascade is one of the most popular American hops and a particular favourite in the world of craft beer for its highly aromatic, citrusy flavours. In fact, it plays a leading role in our Reliance Pale Ale. It is only quite recently that Cascade has been successfully grown by British hop farmers – but of course, sourcing locally rather than from the US is highly beneficial in reducing carbon footprint, as is the fact that for green hop beer, no energy is used to process the hops after harvesting.

For one last green touch, we decided to package this beer exclusively in cask, which is a more sustainable way to dispense beer, since it requires less cooling and uses less CO2 gas.

Delicious, better for the planet, and a unique pint down your local - go green!

Go Green will be available to enjoy at our taproom from Friday 27th October, and in selected London pubs while stocks last.

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