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Yes We Cans (Reliance Pale Ale LTD EDN can)

330ml | 4.2%

This can contains RELIANCE PALE ALE, repackaged as Yes We Cans to help get as many people as possible to vote in the upcoming General Election on July 4th.

BEER a good citizen and make your voice heard! Brewed with the CAN-do energy of citizen participation, Yes We Cans is our way of putting the power to as many people as possible. Are YOU prepared to vote in the General Election on 4th July? Get registered. Get photo ID. Get heard. Together, yes we cans! Cheers to making a difference, one vote at a time.

Find out more about what you need to do here.


*Please note if you order more than 24 cans some may be the original packaging of reliance. 

Style & Taste

Pale Ale – Biscuity malts, pine aromas and citrus flavours. An easy drinking beer for all occasions.

Brew sheet


Gluten free











West Coast Pale


Amarillo, Cascade, Chinook, Centennial


Maris Otter Pale, Dextrin, Caramalt

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The Reliance Story

Reliance Pale Ale is inspired by Reliance Arcade in the heart of Brixton. The narrow arcade is packed with local traders. Whether you need a cobbler or a tailor, or just fancy browsing for a new vinyl record or snacking on some popcorn, Reliance Arcade has got what you need.

The curved arches of the label come from the art deco facade on Brixton Road – which is really the entrance to the whole of Brixton’s covered markets.

Reliance Arcade is in fact a Grade II listed building. Built in 1924, the Electric Lane frontage is a rare example of Egyptian-inspired architecture that was popular following the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922.

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Yes We Cans (Reliance Pale Ale LTD EDN can)
Our Pale Ale raises a glass to the art deco arches of Brixton’s Reliance Arcade where local cobblers and tailors still practice their crafts with skill and precision.

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